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It is an interesting fact about genealogy that one can have lots of information about one family member and very little about another. Until recently I had no photo of Jacob Royal. Cousin Gail Crandall came to the recue with this picture.  

Jacob Royal

Jacob, known as Royal to his family, married at age 26 to Miss Abigail Perkins, the youngest of nine children. The couple, like their siblings, moved to Illinois, where they took up farming in DeKalb County, just one farm away from Jacob's brother Martin. He did not just farm, however. Jacob was active in his community in the family tradition. He was Superintendant of schools from 1851- 1856; one of three Crossetts to hold that post. (his brother Sheldon and Martial's son Dwight were the others) During that time, in 1854, he served as delegate to the DeKalb County convention of the Democratic Party. From 1861-1862 he was coroner of the county. Also in 1861 he served as Vice President of the State Fair Association. He followed in 1863 - 1865 as town supervisor. When he had time to farm I don't know.

It was early in his stay there that Jacob suggested the name Pampas for the township since it resembled the pampas of South America.

Jacob R. and Abigail raised three children:

    • Ellen Ruth b. 1839 m. Mr. Rose
    • Martial Edson b. April 12, 1844 m. Orphany Cheasboro
    • Elza Augustus b. April 25, 1855 m. 1. Jennie Lodwig, 2. Susan Weno

          "Died Jan. 30, 1885, at his home near Wellman, Iowa, J. R.Cros[s]ett, aged 72 years." 

     "The deceased was born at or near Castleton, Vt., June 21, 1812, from which place his father's family emigrated in his early childhood  making their new home in western New York, then a new country.There he passed the years of his early manhood, occupied mostly as a teacher until 1848, when he moved to northern Illinois remaining there till 1868 when he again removed this time to his late home in Greene township, Iowa County.
     He was converted and united in early life with the M. E. Church in which connection he continued an earnest and faithful member."
     "He was married in his 26th birthday to Abigail Perkins of Warsaw, N. Y. who remains to mourn the loss of a kind and considerate companion."
     Burial - [place: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Joetown, Johnson Co., IA]